Getting to Rosheim

On foot, by bike, train or car: everything you need to know.

Getting to Rosheim

Getting there

Don't know where Rosheim is? Here is some useful information for your visit

When nearing Molsheim via the N 420 (Mutzig) or the A 35 (Strasbourg), go towards ROSHEIM and then take the ROSHEIM exit.

From Sélestat (A35), take the ROSHEIM exit.


There is a charge for parking in the city centre, but drivers can park for 30 minutes free of charge.
. Free car parks are located in various places in town, such as the Place du 26 Novembre, Parking Hubster, the St. Étienne church, and the community centre.

Cycle paths

Rosheim has 4 cycle paths:

Rosheim Centre / Rosheim Gare
Rosheim / Griesheim-Près-Molsheim
Rosheim / Bischoffsheim
Rosheim / Dorlisheim


Don't have a means of transport but want to do an errand or go to a medical appointment? The convenient and inexpensive Trans'Canton is for you.

The Community of Communes offers a means of transport for getting you anywhere you want to go in the canton (Bischoffsheim, Boersch, Grendelbruch, Griesheim, Mollkirch, Ottrott, Rosenwiller, Rosheim, St-Nabor) as well as the trip to (and from) Obernai, Barr, Dambach-la-Ville or Epfig

Train station

The train station is located 2km from downtown.

Train station services:
-TER ticket kiosk
- Car park

This train station does not have a ticket counter open to customers.

Routes going to Rosheim:
Strasbourg - Sélestat | Sélestat - Strasbourg |
TER Alsacewebsite

Train timetable / Bus timetable


Closest airport:

Strasbourg - Entzheim airport


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