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  • Come meet our winemakers

    Thirsty for knowledge about wine? Then you'll have to try a tasting with our winemakers, who are proud of their traditions and skills.

    Located on the Wine Route, Rosheim is where beautiful landscapes meet great cuisine. It also also offers 7 Alsatian grape varieties for wine lovers.

    Riesling : considered one of the best white wines. Elegant with an exquisite fruity taste.

    Gewurztraminer : well-known for its aromas, this white wine is robust and very elegant. It can be served as a pre-dinner drink, with foie gras, or with desserts.

    Sylvaner : dry and light white wine that can accompany cooked meats, white meat and salads.

    Pinot Blanc : dry white wine, supple and nervous, and goes well with any type of dish.

    Pinot Gris : powerful and round, it's often a great replacement for red wine with white meat and game.

    Muscat d'Alsace : ideal as a pre-dinner drink, this white wine  is well-liked for its distinctive bouquet and fruity taste.

    Pinot Noir : the only red or rosé wine of Alsace, with a deliciously fruity taste.


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