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    Our regional products come from a culture that draws its strength from traditions


    The specialty pastry of Rosheim, the Ropfkueche is a sour brioche with a mix of cream, almonds and cinnamon. It can be eaten in the morning for breakfast, with a pre-dinner Gewurztraminer, or as a dessert. It is available every weekend in the Rosheim bakeries and during the week upon request!

    Alsatian Cooked Meats and Foie Gras:

    Wadele, Kassler and other Alsatian knacks and white sausages... cooked meats are an important element in Alsatian cuisine just like foie gras. Don't miss out on what these meat merchants have to offer. They will be happy to help you!

    Munster de Rosheim:

    Nature's gifts and man's know-how - that's what has given Munster cheese its reputation since the 7th century. In 1924, the Siffert dairy set up its cheese cellars between Rosheim and Rosenwiller, and has been making a name for itself beyond regional borders ever since, thanks to such refined skills and knowledge.

Produits du terroir

Type de commerce
Butcher shop and Foie Gras
Munster cheese

Butcher shop Muller  

Appreciate the high quality products of the certified butcher shop Muller


Bakery Rohmer  

The eldest bakery in France. Since 1602, 13 generations of bakers assure the continuity of this bakery...


Bakery Kapfer  

Range of products : various types of bread, pastries, confectionery and home-made chocolate, "Ropfkueche"...


Pains d'Epices Lips  

Craft manufacture and sale of gingerbread of Alsace. Museum of gingerbread.


Bakery Fluck  

Every Tuesday, Friday and Satuday, you can find in our shop the speciality of the"Bannette"-bakery...the "pain passion"....


Cheese dairy Siffert Frêres SA  

Since 1924, the cheese dairy Siffert produces high quality cheese. The famous AOC-Munster cheese (AOC = "Appellation d’origine...


La Maison de la Choucroute LE PIC  

Today 5,000 tons of sauerkraut are processed every year and then shipped throughout France, Europe and even to the United States....


Fortwenger - Palace of gingerbread  

Discover the subtle fragrance of honey, cinnamon and gingerbread in the palace of more than 800 sqm. Voyage of discovery...


Poultry farm Schmitt  

Located at the base of the Bischenberg, Schmitt Farm has been dedicated for the past 30 years to raising geese and ducks and...


Le palais du pain d'épices  

Discover the subtle fragrance of honey, cinnamon and gingerbread in the palace of more than 800 sqm. Voyage of discovery...

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